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Mobile Wallet
Push Notifications -

Keep your customers in the loop about your loyalty program updates by sending push notifications to their phones. Notifications can be delivered when your customers are passing by a pre-defined location or a beacon located in your store.

  • Beacon notifications
  • Location-based notifications
Management -

We create and generate your unique Mobile Passes for every customer that requests it. They reflect your branding with detail, you choose your reward type and our system distributes them.

  • Asset management
  • Mobile Wallet reward management
Mobile Passes -

Passes are digital cards that can be easily added to mobile wallets. They contain images, texts and a QR code and update in real-time with push notifications. Your Program members can earn points to earn rewards or discounts with the use of these mobile passes.

  • Real-time updates
  • Coupons, Memberships & Event passes
Offline Technologies
Smart Scanner -

Digital card offline scanner for your cashier(s) that connects directly to your POS system using our web portal.
Additional Charge and Terms apply, request for more info.

  • Web Portal
  • Mobile Pass Scanner
  • Wireless or Wired*
Smart Posters -

Enroll your customers into your loyalty campaigns, convert your in-store visitors into your online audience, collect more data to know your audience, track them & automatically follow-up with relevant and personalized messages.

  • Seamless Install
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Templates
  • Multiple Formats
Smart Beacons -

Engage with your customers in-store with the use of push messages based on proximity to remind and recommend your in-store visitors about specifc sections in your store. Additional charge and terms applies

  • Seamless Integration
  • Multiple Beacons
Core Features
Smart Loyalty

Next-generation features that allows you to step beyond just customer transactions and gamify your customer experience. Reward customers with your own Loyalty currency for buying and interacting with you. Grow your customer base and loyalty.

  • Surprise Rewards
  • Loyalty Points
  • Purchase Points
  • Points Expiration
  • Milestone Tiers
  • Membership Levels

Improve your customer experience by making it more fun by rewarding your engagement on social media, referrals, reviews, User Generated Content, Contests, Challenges, in-store treasure hunting, VIP Clubs, Charity and more.

  • Gamified Experience
  • Brand Engagement
  • Social Interactions
  • Community Building

Engage your customers various customer loyalty campaigns that are either triggered on special occasions (once per year) or always active. Customer Loyalty Campaigns can help you acquire new customers.

  • One-off Campaigns
  • Ongoing campaigns

Make your Customer Experience amazing by offering amazing rewards like exclusive discounts, membership benefits, double/tripple points, bonus gifts, giftcards or other rewards that just can't be attained elsewhere or are only available for a limited time. Each create a sense of urgency to earn more points by making more purchases or help you out on social media.

  • Benefits
  • Exclusive Rewards
  • Coupons
  • Bidding
  • Countdowns
  • Perks
  • Partner Rewards

We don't just help you to reward your customers for exchange of purchases and social media tasks, we also collect more data about your customers through quizzes and surveys to understand their lifestyle, values, preferences and personality better so that we can provide hyper-personalized messages.

  • Visual Quizes
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Discovery

We don't just help you to reward your customers for exchange of purchases and social media tasks, we also collect more data about your customers through quizzes and surveys to understand their lifestyle, values, preferences and personality better so that we can provide hyper-personalized messages.

  • SMart Audiences
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Real-Time

We're able to keep a tab on all your Customer Loyalty Members and send them relevant messages the whole year long through automation.

  • Save Time
  • Cost Effective
  • Always Accurate
Social Media
Smart Community

Grow your brand the smart way through viral Word-of-Mouth. Build a dedicated community around your brand through various contests, giveaways referrals, rewards, User generated content and more.

  • Social Engagement
  • Brand Growth
  • Cost-Effective
  • Viral Factor
Social Actions

Leverage your customer base and online audience for completing various social media tasks that grow your social media accounts directly and reward them with amazing prizes & gifts.

  • Anti-Fraud Technology
  • Viral Social Growth
  • Cost-Effective

Build your Brand credibility & authority by rewarding customers for posting amazing reviews on Facebook & Google about your business. Only those that have redeemed a coupon or have purchased for an amount of timees are selected.

  • Brand Credibility
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • Better SEO
Business Development

Our partners will be provided with recomendations on shared strategies and our best practices to improve the overal customer relationship.

  • Partnership
  • Proactive

Our partners will know exactly how our campaigns are performing through our data analytics portal and weekly summary reports. These reports provide the exact data on how much was spent at any point, how many customers have joined the program, how many have visited and much more.

  • Accurate
  • Actionable
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Data-Backup

Every partner has an assigned proactive account manager that serves as main contact point in case of anything.

  • 24/7

We help select Retail Brands build better Customer Relationships & Experience through
our Viral Growth Program. If you're a Retail leader, we would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of service?

We offer a flexible monthly subscription fee to have us build, manage and optimize your Viral Growth Program, which is charged on a monthly basis with a minimum of 6 months commitment after the first trial month.

What are your fees based on?

With us you only pay for the value you get out of our program (Actual Trackable Sales).
Our fees are based on the number of active members/users who have engaged with your business every month.

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