Build a Loyal Army Around Your Brand.

Let's create a bigger hype around your retail brand by enabling your loyal customers with valuable rewards and offer a personal customer experience technically for free.

  • Improve your brand relevancy.
  • Identify new selling opportunities.
  • Get more referrals Online & Offline.
  • Reward repeat purchases & promotable actions.
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Let Us Grow Your Customer Base.

Our 100% trackable Viral Growth Program can decrease your customer acquisition costs by encouraging loyal customers to grow your brand in exchange of exciting rewards.

  • In-Store

    Convert your in-store customers into your online audience.

  • Online Store

    Provide a gamified shopping experience for your customers.

How Can This Benefit My Retail Business?

Better Customer Relationships.

Create a stronger bond based on shared values with your Loyal Customers
by rewarding them for doing promotable tasks that grow your business.

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Why does it matter?

Having your Customer Base working for you will grow your business much faster and effectively than you promoting your Brand yourself.

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